Frequently Asked Questions

Selling on Buy My Clothes – 3 Simple Steps

  1. List it – upload images, describe your item, set the price and your listing goes live on to the Buy My Clothes marketplace.
  2. Get paid  - all transactions on Buy My Clothes are processed through PayPal. This ensures both the buyer and the seller are protected through the PayPal buyer/seller protection policy.
  3. Ship it - when your item sells, you automatically receive payment in to your PayPal account. This process avoids sold items not being paid for. If the buyer does not pay, the transaction is not complete and your item remains live on the site. Once sold, you ship the item to the buyer’s shipping address provided and send the buyer a tracking number.

Why Sell on Buy My Clothes?

Listing your item is FREE! 

The site is used and endorsed by reputable fashion bloggers that will in turn draw more eyes to your listings!

As soon as you complete listing your item is visible to thousands of fashion people and buyers. You don't pay unless your item sells, it's that simple. 


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Seller Questions

Buyer Questions

Trade Questions

Account Specific Questions


General Questions

Is Buying and Selling on Buy My Clothes safe?

Security is one of our top priorities at Buy My Clothes. We always want our marketplace to feel safe. For that reason and your guaranteed protection, we work with PayPal, a secure payment portal. Buy My Clothes does not store any of your financial details in any way. Sales are redirected to the PayPal payment portal and your information is protected as per any other PayPal transaction.

Buy My Clothes strongly recommends that you take all necessary precautions to protect your phone, computer or other personal device from malicious software.

How do I sell on Buy My Clothes?

Listing is free on Buy My Clothes and you can list your item until it sells. Once you sell your item, a fee is deducted from your incoming amount from the buyer (8% of the item price - capped at a maximum of $8.00 AUD).


Seller Questions

When do I ship the item?

Once your item has sold, it will appear in your ‘SOLD’ tab in ‘MY ACCOUNT’, you will also receive a notification from the Buy My Clothes team to advise of this as well as a notification from PayPal to indicate that you have received a payment. Once you are satisfied the payment is in your account, pack your item safely, ship the item and advise the buyer of the tracking number.

How much does it cost to sell on Buy My Clothes?

Listing an item is free! Once the item sells, Buy My Clothes deduct a fee of 10% of the sale amount from the seller. Once your item sells, you will receive your portion of the payment directly in to your nominated PayPal account, minus the 10% fee.  Quite simply, you will never pay a fee unless your item sells!

What can I sell on Buy My Clothes?

The main aim of is to create a community where people can buy, sell and trade clothing and associated fashion accessories. Buy My Clothes will remove from the site any listings that do not comply with our terms and conditions (i.e. cosmetics, electronics, etc.)

To list an item on Buy My Clothes you have to create an account and then go to the "SELL" tab in the top menu or the SELL tab on the home page. If you are on a mobile device, you need to go to the side menu and choose the Sell option. This will take you to a form which you will need to complete with all your product details and images, which then you can post to the website.

You will need to complete the sell form for each individual product you would like to sell on Buy My Clothes.

For further help with posting an item to sell, please refer to the link below, which is our easy to follow "How To List Guide".

Can I sell if I don't have a PayPal account?

No. The only way you can sell or trade on is through PayPal.  PayPal is the safest and most efficient way to exchange funds online and has great buyer and seller protection and support. It’s easy, free to sign up and safe to use for all parties involved in a transaction.

Where can I find Buy My Clothes Terms of Use?

To view the Buy My Clothes Terms of Use, click here.

Can I sell replicas?

No. Items sold or traded on the Buy My Clothes site cannot be fake, replicas, or knock-off items. You, the seller, are solely responsible for ensuring that your items are authentic and are not considered counterfeit items. Counterfeit meaning, 'the manufacturing and/or sale of fraudulent imitation products that falsely carry the trademark of a genuine brand, and/or infringe on intellectual property rights'.

How can I change the price of my item?

Log on to your Buy My Clothes account; pick the listing you wish to edit in ‘MY ACCOUNT’.  Next to the price there is an option to edit the item.  Remember to save all changes before leaving the page to update your listing.

How do I give a refund to the Buyer?

You can refund the amount through PayPal by doing a new payment with the Buyers PayPal email or by refunding the original transaction from the buyer.  This is solely between you the seller and the buyer. Buy My Clothes are not involved in this process, nor will Buy My Clothes facilitate it.

How do I get paid?

You get paid as soon as a registered member checks out with your item in their cart. The transaction is completed through PayPal. By the time you receive a notification advising of the sale, the money will already be in your PayPal account.

How many days do I have to ship the item to the buyer?

The item needs to be sent to the buyer’s shipping address within 3 business days of receiving payment for the sale.  It is also the responsibility of the seller to provide the buyer a tracking number once the item is shipped.

How should I ship an item?

Buy My Clothes recommend using Australia Post to ship your items and taking out the associated insurance to cover your item. The item remains your responsibility until delivered to the buyer. As a seller you may choose your own delivery method, however, Australia Post have a pick up from local post office service for buyers that are not home when your item is delivered. Buy My Clothes takes no responsibility for the delivery of your item. We recommend you take all necessary steps to protect your item when shipping.


Buyer Questions

How do I purchase on Buy My Clothes?

Only registered members can purchase items through the Buy My Clothes site. Registration is simple and only takes a few steps. When you see an item you like, hit the “Add to Cart” button to the right of the item. Once you have finished shopping on the site, continue to Checkout and follow a few easy steps to make payment safely through PayPal and enter your shipping details. Shipping may be additional and is set by the seller depending on whether you are domestic or international, however, you will always see the total cost at Checkout before completing your transaction.

The seller isn’t responding, what do I do?

First, don’t panic- give the seller adequate time to reply. The seller has up to 3 working days to ship your item. Generally, if a member is active on the site, they will reply within 24 hours. If the seller hasn’t responded within 72 hours and you are concerned about the transaction, you may lodge a report or investigation with PayPal.

Can I Return an Item?

The seller will disclose their returns policy in the item listing. Please be aware of each seller’s policy prior to purchase. All dispute resolution needs to take the applicable steps through the PayPal dispute resolution process. Don’t forget, PayPal offers a comprehensive service in providing buyer and seller protection.

How do I know if I’ll receive my item?

Once the item is shipped, it is the seller’s responsibility to provide a tracking number for the item shipped. You can check for delivery status and tracking number updates by going to “MY ACCOUNT” and then “PURCHASED” tab.

How can I contact a Seller to get an update about an item I purchased from them?

Once you purchase an item from a seller, a PRIVATE MESSAGE function is activated between you and the seller. To contact a seller by PRIVATE MESSAGE, go to “MY ACCOUNT” and then “PURCHASED” Tab or go directly to the Seller’s profile page and send them a message with your query.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order under "MY ACCOUNT", then "PURCHASED" tab. If the seller has updated the status of shipment and input a tracking number, it will be there.

If they have not updated the delivery status after 3 business days, you can Private Message them by going to their profile page or in the "PURCHASE" tab and ask them about the status of your outstanding order.

How long does delivery of my item usually take?

Please allow between 7-10 business days for delivery of your item. 

If you require your item within a certain time period, please make sure you comment on the item with your delivery requirements and allow the seller to respond if they can meet them before you purchase. There are no guarantees of delivery timings after purchase.

What if the item does not fit?

If the item you bought is not a good fit and the seller does not accept returns you will not be able to return the item. However, you can relist the item on Buy My Clothes! If it caught your eye, another buyer may love it too!

What if the item is damaged, not as described, or not what I ordered?

If the item is damaged, not as described, or not what was ordered, send the seller a message and ask them to resolve the issue or refund you the money. If this fails, include all applicable evidence in your PayPal dispute resolution process and work with PayPal to receive your money back.

Can I negotiate prices on Buy My Clothes?

Buy My Clothes is not an auction site, however if an item hasn't sold after a certain period, you may add the item to your “Wish List” and monitor it as the seller may decrease the item cost.


Trade Questions

How do I trade?

  • When listing an item, you have the option to sell for a set price, accept offers for trade or accept both sales and trades.
  • If you elect to accept offers of trade when listing your item, an “Offer Trade” button will appear in your listing, visible to all.
  • Only a registered member who also has a listed item on the site can offer you a trade.
  • If a trade is offered, it will appear in your dashboard under the “Trades Received” tab. You can then simply select to accept or decline the trade.
  • If you accept the trade, then both parties make a small payment of $2.00 AUD to Buy My Clothes and the shipping address is provided to both parties.
  • The process is simple, streamlined and is completely in your control!

I haven’t received an item I traded, what should I do?

If you haven’t sent out your part of the trade yet, simply send the user a message letting them know you’re canceling the trade. You can then relist your item for someone else to buy or trade.

If you have already sent your part of the trade, contact the user to check on when they plan to send their part. Ask them for a tracking number too, so you are able to keep track of the shipment.

If you have tried this, have not received a response, the member has not been on Buy My Clothes in a long time, or they are no longer on the site, please contact Buy My Clothes through the Contact page to report the member to our team. We will try to help retrieve your item if possible.


Account Specific Questions

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please follow the forgotten password prompts from the log in page to reset your password.

How can I delete my account?

Log in to your account, go to edit account page and hit the ‘cancel account’ button at the bottom of the page.